Licensed Vocational Nurses for a OB- GYN office
April 6, 2017

We are seeking a Licensed Vocational Nurses for a OB-GYN office in San Antonio You will be responsible for delivering high quality care to assigned patients. Responsibilities: Care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients Provide basic patient care and treatment Collaborate with registered nurses to administer prescribed medications Sterilize and prepare medical tools and equipment […]

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Thinking About Hiring? Looking for Staff? Matchability Enables Employers & Employees to Find the Perfect Match

August 19, 2010

San Antonio – August 19, 2010 – Recent data from the American Staffing Association (ASA) shows that staffing employment in July 2010 was 25 percent higher than in the same month last year – and staffing employment has consistently experienced steady growth over the past 24 weeks. As companies begin to think about hiring again or searching for temporary staff, it’s imperative that the people they hire are the right fit for the job. The hiring process doesn’t need to be guesswork; it is available now in a scientific formula – Matchability™, a unique, powerful and proven client and candidate evaluation process developed by Cameron Search | Staffing.

Utilizing an online questionnaire which zeros in on the ten key factors found to be the most important to ensuring the right match between employers and employees, Matchability looks much deeper than a candidate’s resume and qualifications, and ensures that prospects have the right personality, the right work ethic, and the right work style for each company’s specific needs. Matchability can be used to help companies find full-time employees, contract-to-hire candidates, or temporary staffing placements.

What makes staffing particularly attractive in today’s challenging economic environment is the ability to utilize a “try before you buy” contract position where the staffing company is responsible for the employee’s taxes, insurance, unemployment, and workers compensation until the employer decides to make them a full-time employee (or not). The severity of the recent economic downturn and the slow rate of recovery has made businesses cautious. Temporary staff enables a company to be flexible, allowing it to adjust more quickly to workload fluctuations and rapid changes in business conditions. Before offering a permanent position, employers can make sure the person is the right fit culturally for the company and that they can perform the job as promised during their interview.

“Matchability provides us with an edge on getting the right people in the right position because it scientifically matches people with positions, which is a big step forward in our industry,” said Patrick Dudley, president of Cameron Search | Staffing. “We utilize Matchability when we are providing staffing services for companies of every size – from start-ups to large companies with offices across the U.S. The feedback we’ve received from everyone who’s used Matchability – the employers as well as the candidates – has been tremendous.”

Businesses turn to Cameron Search | Staffing because its professional staffing services are more robust than an organization’s traditional candidate search resources and are designed to dramatically reduce a company’s investment and risk in not finding the right candidate. Cameron Search | Staffing searches for the most highly qualified job candidates across the U.S. and provides expert staffing solutions for its clients, many of whom have been clients since the company’s inception in 2001. The long-term partnerships it has formed are a result of Cameron Search | Staffing’s flexibility, commitment, and dedication to client service.

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