I can always count on Cameron Search and Staffing for providing me with quality candidates. I have used them at my previous company and now with my current employer.
They have never disappointed me!
Their “Matchability” concept is a notch above the rest.

~ David,
Reimbursement Manager DME


Businesses often think staffing is expensive, and that it would just be cheaper and simpler to handle it on their own. However, when you think about the costs of advertising, recruiting, interviewing, and the time involved in hiring, staffing is hands-down the more cost-effective option. Add in the fact that Cameron Search | Staffing takes on the nitty-gritty details like payroll and workman’s comp, and you can see why staffing makes sense for companies looking to save time and money.

Lower Costs – You eliminate the need to follow employer payroll guidelines. As a result, you save money in the following ways:

  • No employee tax costs, such as Social Security, Medicare, State Unemployment Insurance, F.U.T.A., Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and State Disability Insurance
  • No employee benefit costs such as: medical insurance, life insurance, retirement, pension plan contributions, and the related administrative costs
  • No liability insurance covering employee actions
  • No paid time off, such as holidays, vacations, sick time, and personal time
  • No administrative costs for hiring such as: advertising, recruiting, interviewing, reference checking, and processing hiring paperwork
  • No payroll withholdings and deductions to collect, pay, administrate, and report

Try Before You Buy (Contract to Hire) – You can try out the candidate before offering a permanent position.

Eliminate Hassles at the End of the Assignment – When work slows, you can adjust your labor supply accordingly. Because contractors are not employees of the company, there are no layoffs, no bad press, and no lasting overhead that is normally associated with permanent employees.

Staffing Flexibility – Contracting provides a flexible supply of labor and allows you to match your supply of workers to the workload.

Get Around Budget Constraints – Funds for contract employees usually come from a different pool of money. As a result, if you have budget constraints, you can use alternate budgets to hire contractors and still get the job done.

Need to Keep Down the Permanent Headcount – You can go through hiring freezes. When this occurs, managers are not allowed to hire permanent employees. At this time, contractors become a valuable resource. Contractors can be onboard as a temporary employee, and then become a permanent employee when the hiring freeze is over.

Immediate Availability – A contract to hire placement can happen in a matter of hours or days. Permanent placements can take weeks or even months.

Minimize Employer Liability – With the increased focus on co-employment issues, you have less exposure for traditional liability concerns. For example, taxes, insurance, unemployment, and workers compensation become the primary responsibility of our firm.


Cameron Search | Staffing professional staffing services greatly overshadow an organization’s traditional candidate search resources and are designed to dramatically reduce a company’s investment and the risk in not finding the right candidate. If you are interested in increasing your organization’s profitability and growth potential, Cameron Search | Staffing can play a major role in helping you achieve your goals and objectives.